Ancient Petroglyphs

These are Debbie’s Drawings.  She was an acheologist.  She sent them to me to use in my encaustic rock paintings.  Before she died she was planning to make them into a coloring book.  There are more than one hundred drawings.  Instead of one large book I have created smaller volumes and am making them available in pdf form for download (see bottom of the page) as well as creating an eBook posthumous publication in her memory.  Check for it on titled “The Petroglyph Coloring Book” (because that’s what Debbie always had called it.)

Image of Ancient Petroglyph

Three Guardian Spirits

Image of Ancient Petroglyph

Two Warriors

Image of Ancient Petroglyph

Moon Shaman

Image of Ancient Petroglyph

Two Shaman

Petroglyph image of hunter and moose

Moose Hunting

Petroglyph image of bird and lizard

Bird with Lizard

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4