Images of works from various media.

I have used encaustic since the late 1970s.  Over the years I have worked on a number of different series of work.  I was always interested in the history of the medium and when I learned that the ancient caves of Lascaux and Chauvet were painted with encaustic, I looked at those images and created reproductions in encaustic.  Most curiously, every time I return to work with the images major breakthroughs in technique take place.  During one passage of time working with the cave images, the groundwork was layed for the resurrection of ancient methods of painting.  It is all very intriguing.

The oldest and longest continuing series are my landscapes and skyscapes.  These were painted using the crayon method working on a heated table and burnishing color into raw, unstretched canvas.  It seems like a lot of work and why not just use a brush with acrylic or oil?  The answer is that there is nothing as beautiful as a wax surface.  Acrylic looks like plastic to my eye.  Probably because it is plastic.  Oil is a little better, but wax is amazingly brilliant and luminous.  I was aesthetically bound and could not work with any other media.

The rediscovery of the ancient method of watercolor under painting with encaustic overlay is the most recent development in my work.  For easy reference I have named the method “water color encaustic”.

  • Water Color Encaustic